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Why keep your customers waiting? You can use pbSmartPostage anywhere and anytime to ship letters and packages everywhere. With pbSmartPostage, you’ll never run out of stamps. It’s easy to print a single stamp or a sheet of stamps, envelopes, and shipping labels - right from your desktop printer. No special software download is required, and this 24/7 program is always secure, accessible only with your user ID and password.

The right price. The best price. The most savings.

You’ll never overpay for shipping again because you’ll always have the most current rates right at your fingertips. Your free scale provides you with the exact weight of your mail and packages - no more guessing! pbSmartPostage gives you access to Express Mail® for guaranteed overnight shipping. Express Mail® costs up to $10 less than other overnight carriers charge. You’ll also save up to an additional 5% on Priority Mail® and Express Mail® services from USPS when you use pbSmartPostage.

Full mailing services from your computer.

With pbSmartPostage, you have access to all the mailing services available from the USPS: Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, Media Mail®, First-Class Mail® and Parcel Post®. pbSmartPostage allows you to import addresses from your address book. You can also automatically verify addresses. Need to insure and track a package? No problem. You can even receive email updates on the packages you’ve sent.

5 reasons to use pbSmartPostage

1. Use it anywhere
All you need is an Internet-connected device. There’s no software to download.

2. Store your address book
Mail and ship to customers faster and easier.

3. Save time!
Access postage online 24/7—no more trips to the Post Office™ to buy postage.

4. Save money!
Get up to 10% off Priority Mail® and Express Mail® rates and enjoy easy online “rate shopping.”

5. Print QR codes
Add QR codes on envelopes linking to email, website or phone number.