Postal Scales

Every mail room needs a postal scale, but there are even better ways to save time and money in your mail room

A postal scale is a useful tool for many small businesses. Having a postal scale (aka postage scale) at your business can eliminate trips to the post office for the purpose of weighing mail. Postal scales are available from office supply stores, retail suppliers and the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can expect a USPS scale to be slightly more expensive than other postal scales.

A more advanced postal scale will feature a digital readout of mail weight, rather than an analog dial. For offices that process envelopes and small packages, a scale that measures up to 2lbs. or 5lbs. in weight is usually adequate. However, postage scales are available for large, heavy packages as well.

A postage meter has a built-in scale

A postage meter has a built-in postal scale. Postage meters are not available from the USPS. You can lease them from different companies, including Pitney Bowes. Every postage meter is registered with the USPS to ensure that postal fees will be accurately recorded. The basic postage meter used by many small companies does the work of a postal scale, but will also print stamps on envelopes and packing labels. What’s more, the meter assigns the correct postage based on weight and on the class of mail selected.

Which option is best: postal scale or postage meter?

Many small businesses choose to upgrade from a postal scale to a postage meter. Other companies  lease a postage meter right from the start. This preference for a postage meter over a postal scale is easy to understand. While a postal scale guarantees that you’ll always be able to get exact weight for envelopes and small packages, it won’t eliminate trips to the post office because you’ll still need to buy stamps. Nor will a postal scale automatically correlate the mail weight with the postage rate. When you learn about all the advantages a postage meter provides, you probably won’t be satisfied with just a postal scale.

Postage meter advantages

  • Forget about stamps. When you have a postage meter, there’s no stamp supply to guard or manage. Instead, the postage meter prints stamps and proper postal details directly on envelopes or shipping labels as you need them. The postal fee is automatically deducted from the expense account you set up when you lease the postage meter. You can replenish the money in your postage meter account quickly and easily, by using an online account or by accessing your account through the meter’s controls.
  • Eliminate time-consuming trips to the post office. Your postage meter eliminates the need to buy stamps at the post office. And because a postage meter has a built-in postal scale, you never need to stand in line at the post office to weigh envelopes and small packages.
  • Save money by accessing a full range of USPS mail rates. When you have a postage meter in your mail room, you have access to the same variety of mailing and shipping services available at the post office: Priority Mail®, Express Mail®, First Class Mail® Parcel Post® and more. Your mail room becomes a virtual post office. Once you choose the USPS mail class, your postage meter automatically matches the rate to the weight; there’s no guesswork involved.
  • Get rate updates automatically. Your postage meter can automatically update its program when the USPS makes a change in postal rates. Your mailroom will never be out of date.
  • Eliminate unauthorized use. Thanks to a password-protected account, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized use of your postage meter.
  • Track mailing expenses for multiple accounts, easily and accurately. Your accountant will love the secure, foolproof way that a postage meter tracks mailing expenses. With a postage meter from Pitney Bowes, it’s easy to set up one or multiple mailing accounts on a single postage meter.


Get a postal scale, and much more –with a postage meter from Pitney Bowes. See for free how a postage meter can save time and money in your mail room. Any Pitney Bowes postage meter comes with a free 60-day trial. Call a small business expert today 1-866-738-0914.