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There's no better marketing strategy than to deliver information and promotions to customers when and where they want, especially when they're on the go! With pbSmart™ Codes you can create engaging, interactive marketing campaigns designed to reach smartphone users—the fastest growing segment of the mobile industry—that’s good news if you're looking for new customers.

QR Code Software

Create QR Codes

You can create dynamic QR codes on the fly with pbSmart™ Codes. Download them to use on email, direct mail, posters or other print media.

Build Mobile Page

Customize and design mobile webpages optimized for smartphone users to easily provide on-demand information. You can promote an event and enable real-time registration. You can also use these mobile pages for coupons or even email lead generation. You have full control over the content you can add through these mobile pages.

Track results in realtime

Want to know how many people scanned your QR code? View reports on scans and email addresses to measure QR marketing campaign effectiveness. You can also download captured email addresses for email marketing campaigns.

Get your free trial

Create your own qr code with pbSmart™ Codes for free for 30 days. You can also create a mobile landing page as well as track all activities with pbSmart™ Codes software.

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